Soul ties

It’s always been unconditional with everybody, respecting they state of mind. Show a great love and they neglect you. Putting it into perspective, realizing something you can’t put into words the fantasy of falling in love is like soul-searching. You’re never actually sure if you found it and if you have it, is it really yours?


When you cut an apple down the middle you see the core where the seeds lay.

Same goes for a person except you can cut a person open without doing physical harm. You don’t see seeds you see a different them.

Have you ever looked into a persons eyes and saw life within? That gives you a different type of hope.

Now look into your own and ask yourself what you see…

I see a person between life & death

A person seeking happiness

A person wanting to be whole again

A person looking for hope

A person that just wants more

A person who loves only to get hurt

A person who is lost in a world where only the strong survive.

Now take all of those things and make it better.

You always have the option to change the direction of your life, just not God’s plan.

To The One I Love..

Why did you go?
Was it because I wouldn’t give myself to you, or was it the fact that you didn’t have enough patience to wait?
Was it because she has a bigger butt, or is it her chest that’s bigger?
Was it the fact that the last time we spoke I said “I love you” in a tone you didn’t like…
Its me isn’t it…
You went out and found better???
aha News flash
It doesn’t get any better than this
I’m not talking looks, hair, clothes…
Im saying personality, compassion, love.
I promise you, not one person you meet, will give you what I gave you.
After all these years, your just going to up and leave like that.. no words, no reason why, you just
Stopped answering my calls, text, and even deleted me off your social media.
So my question is who is she?
Will she hold you down the way I did?
Will she be by your side when no one else is?
Can you tell her your dreams and goals and get full support from her???
Maybe she will do more.. I hope your happy.
You broke a person who was willing to give you anything,
I was that person.
I use to be that person.
I am not sad anymore, I’m as okay as it gets.
One day ill let this go,
Hopefully its soon
I wont say im not enough for you, because im more than enough
Your just so small minded you couldn’t see that, but
Thank you, because what you couldn’t see another man will.